Handmade Chocolate

Handmade Chocolate

Handmade chocolate, italian authenticity

Handmade chocolate is summed up in the careful selection of raw ingredients, traditional production methods, creativity and passion, four things that make Italian handmade chocolate a true product of excellence. Connoisseurs know the difference in the quality of the myriad gourmet producers that dot the peninsula, expert in the typical preparations of each place, that taken together account for the fame of this seductive food.

Handmade chocolate means following time tested procedures. Cleaned and toasted, cocoa beans are opened to separate the skins from the pulp, then ground to obtain a paste. This mixed with sugar, is refined and put through conching to eliminate excess humidity and undesirable aromas. This phase however is eliminated during the making of handmade chocolates in Modica, Sicily.

A handmade tradition in this Sicilian city, it is famous throughout the world, boasting extraordinary recipes, like that of the 1600s created by Francesco Redi, doctor and scholar of the Crusca institute, who used jasmine with this delicacy, letting their aroma mingle for 10 days without ever touching to add depth of scent to every delicious bite. For the best, look for handmade.

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