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Italian export chocolate, world record

Italian chocolate e exportdata from Asia, with particular reference to China, suggest a successful pairing. The production of Italian chocolate is the favorite of the Asian people, Italy is the market leader in the segment of chocolate and foods containing cocoa in the People's Republic. Growth in this country stood in 2014 with the figure of 34,6 million dollars.


At the base of such a masterpiece is the attention that this production reserves to raw materials, to the elaboration that pursues artisan and centuries-old recipes and methods, from the typical production of Modica to traditional mixes with dried fruit and spices.


Italian and export chocolate, a result that the team of Great Italian Food Trade can contribute to ratify, in a double sense: by guiding Chinese buyers in the selection of certified and guaranteed products of Italian excellence at excellent quality and price parameters, and at the same time helping Italian companies to emerge in the economy of the Chinese nation.


If internationalization is now certainly a profound need even for small gastronomic excellences, the presence of recognized guides such as poison to the same vast culinary panorama present.


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