Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, benefits beyond flavor

The very taste of dark chocolate is a unique sensory experience. But that’s not all, calories in dark chocolate amount to just 515 per serving (30 less than its milk-based counterpart), and there are a number of benefits of chocolate to our health that are accented in dark varieties. Its composition is limited to simple ingredients of excellence: cocoa butter, sugar and sometimes vanilla extract.

According to law, to boast the “Extra” indication, it must be at least 45% pure with a maximum of 55% in sugars. The two measures are 43% and 57% respectively for”Dark”. Regulations also permit a portion of economic fats, such as palm oil, and additions that are often used to render the product inimitable.

Considering the generous level of calories, it is advisable to choose products of the utmost quality without overeating, though as an occasional indulgence can attribute benefits. It contains flavonoids, a heart-protecting antioxidant, as well as stimulates the production of serotonin, a hormone that keeps us in a good mood. Dark chocolates are a specialty of many Italian producers, offering consumers incredible items with few rivals.

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