Chocolate Brands

Chocolate Brands

Chocolate brands, what it means to be italian

Few know that the best chocolate brands in Italy achieve creations that are esteemed throughout the world. Italian chocolate producers soar above the competition found in large-scale distribution outlets, and are distinguished internationally for chocolate production of rare excellence. These are delicacies for true palates marked by passion.

Italian chocolate brands renowned at the international level are primarily concentrated in two regions. In the north, Piemonte – with its Gianduiotti, and layered Cremini, rendered sublime by hazelnuts cultivated in the surrounding territory – is known for Streglio, Gobino, Giraudi and Venchi. A little further south also shares identical acclaim in Tuscany, with famous names like Amedei, Domori and Slitti, historic symbols of their craft.

The hallmark of these products is careful attention to the selection of raw ingredients, and respect for traditional recipes. Pure cocoa butter, without the emulsifier soy lecithin, or artificial flavors. The same choice is adopted by most smaller Italian chocolate brands – care and no compromising standards – contrary to many mid-level brands of bars and candies. All you have to do is read the label.

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