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Wiise Srl benefit company, impact report 2021

Wiise (Workable Ideas and Initiatives for a Sustainable Economy) Srl - the benefit company that manages the sites and activities of GIFT (Great Italian Food Trade) and do (Food and Agriculture Requirements), as well as supporting the non-profit association Equality - presents its social impact report 2021.

1) Introduction. Scenario data

The Covid-19 phenomenon exasperated the crisis of food security on a planetary level, due to both disruptions in the supply chain food (agriculture, processing, logistics and transport), and the increase in unemployment and poverty.

Estimates of international agencies - always approximate by default, as has already been shown - indicate that in 2021 9,8% of the world population, 828 million people, had problems with food security. (1)

The situation is very serious with regard to childhood malnutrition which causes irreversible physical and neurological disabilities. Reference is made to the publication, its The Lancet, signed by the secretaries general of UNICEF, FAO, WFP and WHO.

2) Wiise, 2021 benefit balance sheet

The activity of WIISE in 2021 it focused primarily on research, innovation and awareness raising activities for stakeholder. Under the auspices of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UN Agenda 2030 and the necessary transformations to ensure the sustainable development of the agri-food chain.

2.1) Research projects in Horizon and PRIMA

WIISE extension still participates in a series of research projects - in the contexts of PRIMA (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area), Horizon and Horizon Europe - to offer strategic and stakeholder building, regulatory analysis and drafting of guidelines, dossier authorization for novel food, scientific publication. In 2021, Wiise continued to participate in three projects already underway:

  • Camelmilk,, in the PRIMA program, aimed at developing a production chain of lapt and dairy products from camels and camelids of the Euro-Mediterranean area,
  • ProFuture, in Horizon 2020, to optimize the production of four microalgae (Arthrospira [Spirulina] platensisChlorella vulgaris, Tetraselmis chui, Nannochloropsis oceanica) is favor their availability,
  • EcoeFISHent, in Horizon Europe, to reuse (upcycling) fish waste and the fish canning industry - today qualified as by-products of animal origin - in the formulas of nutraceutical foods, cosmetics, drugs and medical devices, feed.

2.2) Other research projects

Our team he has also participated in other research initiatives, with mixed results:

  • CRICKetFOOD - a research and development project of the cricket production chain (acheta domesticus) and the use of their flours in a variety of foods, unfortunately did not pass the selection of PRIMA. Although the proposed idea included among other things the wide participation of micro-enterprises established in numerous Mediterranean countries,
  • wasteless - a project aimed at recording and encouraging progress in circular economy performance farm to fork, in a system of blockchain public with free access - on the other hand, it almost achieved top marks in Horizon Europe.

2.3) Training

The formation it is carried out by the Wiise Benefits team in various academic contexts, associations and with the authorities responsible for official controls, at national and international level.

Who is writing among other things he received the position of teaching in food law, starting from the academic year 2021-2022, at the University of Naples Federico II (Department of Veterinary, three-year course of Inspection of food of animal origin) .

It also continues the hospitality of training, which in 2021 took place thanks to the precious contributions of Susanna Cavallina and Isis Consuelo Sanlucar Chrinos and to the collaboration with the master of the University of Bologna.

2.4) Independent information

The independent information activity - realized by WIISE benefit through the sites website GIFT e DO, both of free access and without banner e pop-up advertising - pursues the objectives of sharing knowledge, as well as sensitizing readers on a series of topics. Which in particular:

  • sustainable innovation in the agri-food chain, starting with primary agricultural production,
  • agroecology, sustainable animal husbandry and related recommendations from international agencies,
  • protection of soils, water, biodiversity and ecosystems, animal welfare. One Health,
  • nutrition and public health. Scientific research, guidelines for a healthy diet, market surveys.

2.4) Law and policies of the food, chemical, FMCG sectors

The approach of WIISE - DO the consultancy is based on the objective analysis of policies and rules (in place and in progress) with potential impact on the agri-food and feed chains, as well as the contiguous sectors (e.g. chemical, pharmaceutical, herbal, cosmetic, FMCG), and its sharing . In the hope that the evolution of the rules and their application can reconcile the public good with the legitimate expectations of stakeholders, without neglecting the needs of the most vulnerable consumers.

The information offered by Wiise therefore includes:

  • food safety and consumer information, analysis of the rules in force also through answers to questions on specific cases,
  • Clean Spades. An investigation into the underworld of Coldiretti's magic circle, to the detriment of the country-system as well as of Italian farmers and breeders, (2)
  • due diligence, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), CSRs (Corporate Sustainability Reporting). (3)

3) Égalité non-profit, actions for the social

Equality, the non-profit association founded by the Wiise benefit team, continues to receive his support on the various fronts of:

  • research and publishing activities, public awareness e lobby in support of the rights of the most vulnerable sections of the population, at national and EU level,
  • professional activity, by way of voluntary work, for the concrete protection of the rights of fragile people and people with disabilities who turn to the association,
  • donations and financing of various initiatives, the creation of the site website egalitech www.egalitech.it (2021) and the renewal of the site website www.egalite.org,
  • support for the development of the non-profit industrial project of the Intelligent (wheelchair) Chair, now entrusted to the care of Regis Motors and Mecaprom, to foster autonomy and sustainable micro-mobility of people with motor disabilities and difficulty walking.

4) Perspectives

In 2022-2023 WIISE Srl benefit company intends to continue its commitment to research and development projects, in the hope of being able to contribute to at least approach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UN Agenda 2030. (4)

Goes on also the daily activity of public and free information on issues related to agri-food chains, sustainability and responsibilities in the socio-environmental field, nutrition and health, animal welfare.

Post scriptum

The war disaster in Ukraine it showed the inability of European politics to resolve international conflicts through democracy. Wiise and Égalité they promote peace and multilateralism as the only solution to the tragedy, also economic, still in progress.

The Wiise impact assessments related to the exercise are also available 2020 e 2019.

Dario Dongo
Wiise Srl benefit company
Sole director


(1) FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2022. Repurposing food and agricultural policies to make healthy diets more affordable. Rome. 2022

(2) Dario Dongo also participated, through Égalité, in the editing of the ebook by Andrea Poggio, Legambiente Choose the right oil. How to remove palm oil from the tank, and more (The New Ecology, Milan, 2021).

(3) See Annex. #VanghePulite, investigative journalism landed at the Public Prosecutors

(4) Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. The challenge of humanity

ATTACHMENT #VanghePulite, investigative journalism landed at the Public Prosecutors

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Dario Dongo, lawyer and journalist, PhD in international food law, founder of WIISE (FARE - GIFT - Food Times) and Égalité.

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