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Parmigiano Reggiano, best cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano, the best raw milk cheese in the world. Triumph in London

Il Parmigiano Reggiano is the best raw milk cheese in the world. He decreed it the international association The Oldways Cheese Coalition who, among the 16 finalists at the "World Cheese Awards 2017" (3.001 cheeses from 25 countries around the world), chose the "King of Cheeses" presented by Dairy San Pietro di Valestra (Valestra, Reggio Emilia).

This recognition, together with the other 38 medals conquered in London by the National Parmigiano Reggiano, "is a milestone for our product - says the President of the Consortium Nicholas Bertinelli - because attributed by The Oldways Cheese Coalition, an international association promoted by producers, retailers and enthusiasts who fight to preserve the right to taste raw milk and other traditional cheeses. This award is the most prestigious recognition obtained by the National Parmigiano Reggiano: it brings the total number of awards won by the group in its 180 years of life to 17. Parmigiano Reggiano is the most awarded PDO cheese in the world and represents a system that, every day, sees thousands of breeders and hundreds of cheesemakers engaged in the search for ever higher levels of quality ".

At the World Cheese Awards in London, the National Parmigiano Reggiano was the most important grouping of competing dairies40 manufacturers representing all the provinces of the PDO production area, 18 cheese factories from Reggio Emilia, 11 from Parma, 7 from Modena, 3 from Mantua and one from Bologna.

But the most important data concerns the awards achieved by the National Parmigiano Reggiano: 38 medals, of which 11 gold, 16 silver, 8 bronze and 3 Super Gold. These latter medals are among the most coveted awards, because they designate the best cheeses of the individual jury tables. As mentioned, the title of Best Raw Milk Cheese in the World assigned by The Oldways Cheese Coalition.

Special recognition went to the 4 Madonnas Dairy of Emilia (Lesignana, Modena), al La Traversetolese Dairy (Traversetolo, Parma) and to the Dairy San Pietro di Valestra (Valestra, Reggio Emilia), awarded in London with the three Super Gold Medals.

Here are the medals won by the 40 cheesemakers of the National Parmesan in London.


- Reggio Emilia:

  • Antica Fattoria Dairy Scalabrini, gold (over 30 months)
  • Grana d'Oro Farm Red Cows, silver (24 months)
  • Milanello Dairy - Terre di Canossa, gold (24 months), silver (over 30 months)
  • Castellazzo Social Dairy, three bronzes (18, 24, over 30 months)
  • Minozzo social dairy, silver (18 months) and bronze (24 months)
  • Fiori di Fiori Farm Pier Paolo, gold (over 30 months)
  • Social Dairy of Migliara, silver (over 30 months)
  • La Grande Dairy, silver (over 30 months)
  • Barchessone Social Dairy, gold (18 months), silver (over 30)
  • Social Dairy Roncadella, silver (18 months)
  • San Giorgio social dairy, gold (over 30 months)
  • Dairy San Giovanni di Querciola, gold (over 30 months)
  • Social Dairy San Pietro di Valestra, gold (over 30 months), Super Gold, Best Raw Milk Cheese in the World Award


- Parma:

  • Fratelli Boldini dairy farm, bronze (24 months)
  • La Traversetolese Dairy, gold (over 30 months) and Super Gold
  • Social Dairy of Urzano, gold (18 months)
  • Social Dairy Palazzo, bronze (over 30 months)
  • Giansanti Agricultural Society, bronze (24 months), silver (over 30)
  • Social Dairy Santo Stefano, two silvers (24 months and over 30 months)

- Modena:

  • 4 Madonnas Dairy of Emilia, gold (24 months) and Super Gold
  • Dismano Dairy, silver (18 months)
  • Dairy of Campogalliano, silver (over 30 months)
  • Rational Novese Dairy, silver (24 months)

- Mantua:

  • Venera Vecchia Dairy Farm, bronze (18 months), silver (24 months), silver (over 30 months)
  • Gonfo social dairy, silver (24 months), gold (over 30 months).

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