Mascarpone, cheese from all kinds of recipes

Il mascarpone cheese, cheese creamy and with a sweet taste, it is a greedy temptation. The Tiramisu, among the recipes made with this type of cheese, is perhaps the most famous preparation, but for goodness it is in good company. In everyday life, the simplest application is in the sauce for pasta: the delicate taste makes mascarpone suitable for different combinations. It goes very well with gorgonzola and walnuts, radicchio or truffle, just to mention some Made in Italy excellences.

Mascarpone, a Lombard cheese, requires a different production process from that used for other cheeses. It is simply obtained from milk cream, which is heated up to 90 degrees and then added with citric, tartaric or lemon juice. Once coagulation has taken place, the mass is ready to drip onto special sheets for 24 hours in a cold environment. After this phase, you can finally taste it.

Mascarpone is a generous cheese, not only because it gives superb taste sensations. It also provides an important energy contribution: fats represent over 40%.

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