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salva cremasco

salva cremasco

Salva Cremasco Cheese, A Northern Soul

Salva Cremasco is a soft Italian cheese made with whole cow’s milk aged for at least 75 days. It is one of the high points of Italian cuisine, and the undisputed king of all cheeses in Lombardy. Salva Cremasco cheese is protected by Alti Formaggi, an initiative set up by the consortium that governs local cheeses.

Produced in the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi and Milano, every stage of Salva Cremasco production takes place here starting with the cows. It was originally created to save, salvare, surpluses of latte. In fact, Salva Cremasco is different from other softer cheeses that don’t keep during warmer periods, and is perfect for medium-long aging.

It is a rhomboid shape, weighing between 1 and 5 kg, and has a thin rind with a light bloom. It is white, with small irregular eyes, but with compact consistency that is crumbly to the touch. The intense, aromatic flavor becomes more pronounced as the it ages. It is frequently rotated, as well as brushed with water and salt to ensure uniformity. These treatments favor ideal maturation, and provide its unique color.

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