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Provolone Valpadana, a natural process

Provolone Valpadana, a natural process

Provolone Valpadana is made from whole cow’s milk with natural acidity and fermentation. It is protected by the important Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP) label, guaranteeing its quality and origin. Provolone Valpadana is sold in 4 shapes that vary in weight from ½ kilogramme to 100 kilos.There are two variations of the cheese:

– Sweet, made with calf rennet and an aging period of no more than 12 weeks.

– Piquant, made with kid rennet and aged anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

This cheese is made by heating milk to 37°C, before natural whey and rennet are added. The resulting curd is then broken into small pieces and cooked at a temperature no higher than 45°C. It is then allowed to rest and drain on wooden tables. Shaping the cheese is performed by expert hands. It is then brine-salted, tied and set aside to age for up to a year. About 10 kg of the cheese is obtained from one hundred kg of milk.