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Asiago Cheese Types

Asiago cheese is produced in two tantalizing varieties that have marked characteristics among types of Italian cheese. Pressato is the term used for fresh Asiago, while D’Allevo is reserved for the aged. This can be broken down into further Asiago cheese types based on the aging period itself, from 3 to 8 months it is known as Mezzano, followed by Vecchio and Stravecchio (literally “very old”), which is stored for 2 years or more.

Asiago cheese is a DOP product named after the mountain plateau of Asiago, also called the Sette Comuni, stretching between Trentino and Veneto in northeastern Italy. The first records of cheesemaking in the area date back to about 1,000 AD, using sheep’s milk. In the 16th century this was replaced by the bovine equivalent, and the process of perfecting the age-old techniques that are still employed today began. The invention of the softer type came around 1920, and its nickname refers to the pressing that takes place before packaging.

True Asiago cheese is easily recognized by its branded prodotto della montagna seal, ensuring that the dairy cows are raised and all phases of production are carried out at an altitude of over 600 meters above sea level, lending a purity of taste that is hard to resist.

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