italian cheese

A Perfect Accent

Salva Cremasco needs to be aged from three to five months to reach the flavour, as well as the dry crumbly texture, that make it perfect for being served with salads and tomatoes. After twelve months of aging, with its characteristic aroma of mushrooms, it is perfect for melting into risottos, or adding something nice to a frittata with fresh vegetables.

This typical cheese from Lombardy is best discovered and savoured in the light recipes typical of summer, as well as those more decisive flavours found in winter. The versatility of Salva Cremasco can be readily employed in recipes throughout the year.

Great chefs have built exquisite recipes, for example “Fowl thighs encrusted in Salva Cremasco and honey”, or simpler ones like fried cheese balls, millefoglie with peppers, and vol-au-vent. All of which include this cheese as their primary ingredient. It is also an exceptional companion to medium-bodied red wines.