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Grana Padano Ingredients, Strictly Fresh

Grana Padano ingredients and the cheesemaking process itself are subject to rigid guidelines. Centuries old know-how and the keen professionalism of those who supervise the entire affair is key. Grana Padano cheese depends on the quality of the milk used (this is of first and foremost importance), thus only the raw materials with the best possible characteristics are chosen for grana, from dairy farms found inside the specific production area.

Freshly milked, it arrives at the cheese making facilities in stainless steel containers, and is then left to relax in vats to allow for fats to surface. Once it is partially skimmed, it is poured into copper basins where it is heated with rennet to a temperature of between 53 and 56° Celsius. The granules which begin to form at the bottom become a compact mass that is then sealed into round forms. After aging for at least nine months and meeting strict standards, the cheese will then receive its characteristic fire-brand.

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