Frico, Hallmark of Friuli Cooking

Frico, Hallmark of Friuli Cooking

Montasio is an ideal cheese for a number of recipes. One in particular is a hallmark of the Friuli culinary tradition with origins in the Carnic Alps. We are talking about nothing less than the Frico.

To prepare the delightful Frico it is necessary to select Montasio aged for three months. The cheese is browned in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, shredded potatoes, chopped bacon, and onions. The layered ingredients must be turned repeatedly until a uniform golden hue is achieved.

There are two versions of the Frico: The soft kind, which we have just described, and a crispier variety prepared with grated Montasio and corn flour. This recipe makes the Frico malleable and perfect for sculpting edible baskets for other gastronomic treats.

Montasio is also excellent with vegetables like asparagus, and can be used in many recipes, from leek or potato gratins, to rustic pies, risottos, soups and pasta, especially gnocchi.