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A great Friulian dish with Montasio

Montasio can be used in many recipes, but one in particular represents a great dish of the Friulian tradition originating in the Carnia mountains: Frico. To prepare it you need Montasio aged 3 months: the cheese is browned in a pan with the addition of coarsely grated potatoes, sliced ​​bacon and chopped onion, all arranged in layers turned over several times until golden brown.

There are two versions of Frico: the soft one, just described, and a crunchy one that is prepared with grated Montasio and corn flour. In this way the Frico is malleable and is ideal for preparing delicious baskets to contain other dishes.

Montasio goes perfectly with vegetables such as asparagus and can be used in many recipes: baked dishes, such as leek gratin, but also pies, risottos and soups and pastas such as gnocchi.

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