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Grana Padano valuable nutritional values

The tasty Grana Padano DOP boasts excellent nutritional values and a caloric content lower than that of other aged cheeses, being produced with partially decimated milk. More than 30% of fats are unsaturated, of particular nutritional value. Without forgetting the precious contribution of mineral salts.

In addition to iodine (essential for the thyroid), selenium (to fight free radicals), magnesium and phosphorus, an excellent Grana is a significant source of calcium: 50 grams provide 600 milligrams, equal to 60% of the daily requirement of adults and the elderly, 50% of what an adolescent needs and 43% of what a pregnant or breastfeeding woman needs.

The famous PDO cheese is also rich in vitamin B12 and essentially lactose-free. It can therefore also be appreciated by people intolerant to this sugar contained in milk.

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