Caviar Italian product, Brescian gold

Caviar and brut. Can any other two Italian world tastes evoke prestige, class and excellence? Belpaese has produced it since the XVI century and it now produces caviar calvisius, unquestioned chief of haute cuisine recipes and dishes.

Renowned since 1500 is the Italian caviar fishing (ladano) in the River Po, made since the first half of the 1900s, handing down traditional conservation recipes in Italian stores. Free of Russia and Iran, the Italian peninsula could turn out nice again with excellent products, thanks to the calvisius feat, symbol of Brescia. Indeed, in the very pure Calvisan waters, after an experimental phase that initially bred white sturgeon samples, you can also find the beluga, oscetra and servuga varieties, for a production equal to 20% of the world’s.

Food obtained from working sturgeon eggs is described as esteemed and with a delicately decisive taste. That’s what caviar is. Recipes usually see it served with butter, on toasted bread or in cold dishes, often accompanied by champagne or vodka. Or, in the case of caviar calvisius, by a Franciacorta magnum, geographically close.

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