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XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter

Butter, tasty calories and fine ingredients

ButterCalorie and taste. Among ingredients essential in many Italian dishes, the white butter with 70 calories per 10 grams, combines the pleasure of food with health benefits. It acquires a different flavor as the areas of origin of the milk from which it is obtained vary. It is a very common condiment in the Italian culinary tradition, but it is preferred in the colder regions of Northern Italy, where the abundant calories of butter were appreciated. Ingredients necessary for nutrition, a source of well-being and a secret of culinary specialties.

Butter, healthy calories. Recent research has highlighted some extra-nutritional properties, such as an anti-infective action and anti-carcinogenic activity. The legislation provides for a content of at least 82% of fats, no more than 16% of water and a maximum of 2% of other ingredients, such as lactose, proteins, mineral salts and other substances. The fat part can drop to 80% if the product is salty.

The production process begins with the treatment of fresh cream, subjected to pasteurization with the dual purpose of making some naturally present enzymes inactive, which could compromise the goodness of the food, and destroy any pathogens.


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