Brioche, Only the Best Recipe

A brioche with a cappuccino is the perfect combination to start-off the day. At home or at the coffee bar, the Italian brioche is an essential part of breakfast in Italy, and this habit has taken hold in many other parts of the world. It is no mystery, the brioche recipe is marked by quality becoming a tasty and healthy treat to begin our mornings with.

What distinguishes the excellence of Italian breakfast brioche production is in fact the recipe, ennobled by superb ingredients and manufacturing techniques. The most important characteristic is the dough, left to rise for 10 hours of natural leavening. This alone renders the brioche much easier to digest than a number of its counterparts.

It is fundamentally the selection of raw materials, flour and sugar, for the “empty” variety. For the croissant type, called cornetto in Rome and brioche in Milan, the primary base is constituted by butter, a noble food when eaten in moderation, with the total exclusion of low-value tropical fats, like palm oil.

Sharing the pleasure of Italian breakfast with your family or colleagues is easy with the right fare: milk produced in line with the highest standards, with espresso created in true Italian style, and obviously a breakfast brioche to complete the triangle. It is a recipe that makes Italians hungry for more!

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