whole wheat breadsticks

whole wheat breadsticks

Whole Wheat Breadsticks, The Italian Recipe

Whole wheat breadsticks are the perfect rations for work, play or a snack before dinner. These Italian breadsticks are a little different than the traditional variety from Turin, but the time-tested historic taste, and “need to munch” are backed up in this recipe by the benefits of unprocessed grain.

The whole wheat breadstick is widely available internationally, and as famous as their cousins for their classic flavor and aroma, never betraying rural and pastoral origins with industrial production. The emotion of eating these masterpieces remains a primordial experience.

Whole wheat offers a darker color, with the more apparent flavors of the raw ingredients employed. Many times they are enriched by poppy and sesame seeds. To differing types of flour (it is even possible to use specific varieties, such as Kamut), extra virgin olive oil, rock salt, yeast, water (or beer) can be added depending on the recipe.

Take care of yourself with the additional fiber, ideal for happy hours and aperitivi. However, make sure the products chosen are authentic and wholesome – in a word, Italian!

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