Sesame Breadsticks

Sesame Breadsticks

Sesame Breadsticks, Irresistable Recipe

Sesame breadsticks are fragrant and crunchy sticks, optimal for serving as a snack or starter. They are perhaps the maximum achievement among Italian breadsticks. The classic and delicate pleasure of this breadsticks recipe is founded on the flavorful notes of sesame seeds, pushing this humble creation above many types of bread.

In the same way as all authentic Italian recipes, it is necessary to ensure the use of the best natural, healthy and certified ingredients. If it is true that it is the sesame seed to lend unique flavor, then the other elements (flour, water, brewers’ yeast, olive oil, salt, sugar and spices) combining to set the crispy and symphonic stage of taste.

Sesame breadsticks are made by producers large and small, in strict accordance with the wholesomeness of their products, without the use of GMOs, as well as providing resources for making them at home.

Serve these simple masterpieces with a cocktail or aperitivo, wrapped in Prosciutto di Parma or with a creamy cheese, and what a surprise awaits the palate. In addition to sesame, treat yourself to alternative breadstick seasonings including cumin and oregano. There is much to discover about this traditional specialty, with the help of GIFT of course!

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