italian breadsticks

italian breadsticks

Italian Breadsticks, Original Recipe

Those looking for true Italian breadsticks need to go to Torino. Breadsticks in this northern Italian city bring with them the legend of a young prince weaned on the delicious ease with which they are eaten. The Italian breadsticks recipe is about harmony between fragrance and freshness – well rounded flavors with salty, ore spiced notes.

Ghersin” in the local dialect of Torino, breadsticks are a symbol of all Italian foods – too often imitated poorly, and frequently abused in recipes abroad in order to make different types of bread with no respect for Italian quality ingredients and historic standards.

In reality, the authentic breadsticks recipe is refined in its simplicity, based on common elements chosen for their exquisiteness, reflected in the sensory characteristics of the finished item. They are produced a few kilometers from their place of origin, by Italian hands bound to tradition, leading to a unique product of excellence.

The Torino breadstick is crispy, yet soft, and perfect to snack on, a specialty that can never be taken for granted.

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