gluten free breadsticks

gluten free breadsticks

Gluten Free Breadsticks, The True Italian Recipe

Gluten free breadsticks, who said you have to give up on the pleasures in life? With some minor variations on the authentic Italian breadsticks recipe, it is possible to number among the increasing choices available for consumers that prefer, or need to eat gluten free. They are perfect for a starter wrapped in Prosciutto, or to munch on with friends for an aperitivo. Don’t miss out on this peculiar addiction.

Light and fragrant, they are easy to find at the international level, but can also be prepared at home with a few basic ingredients and an absolute preference for the organic, and zero kilometer. For optimal results, top producers know that the use of the safest and certified raw materials is key.

Striking and fanciful, the buckwheat gluten free breadstick, dark with a rich flavor is highly sought after. They are ideal company for simple meat or seafood dishes. For a more sophisticated and exotic touch, try aromatized with olives, rosemary or sesame. It is never too late to return to the original “ghersin” of Turin, the godfather of all.

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