Calories in Breadsticks

Calories in Breadsticks

Calories in Breadsticks, Alternative Italian Snacks

Calories in breadsticks is a strange concept spoken of mostly in do-it-yourself diets and not by nutrition specialists. Breadsticks calories are considered in many dietary regimes aimed at weight loss with calorie intake at the expense of carbohydrates. Calories in Italian breadsticks are superior compared to other types of bread only when their weights are equal.

Per 100g of the product, in fact, a 00 loaf has roughly 290 cal., while the same amount of breadsticks reaches 421. However, this is the equivalent to 370 sticks! It is necessary to do away with this myth: there are more calories in breadsticks because large-scale production uses margarine and fats in dough. These clearly do not respect the traditional Italian recipe. The calories in a single breadstick are much lower than in a slice of bread.

Uncovering the truth is a matter of perspective. Breadsticks cannot be defined as a food that is high in calories. Every dieter needs to consider calories, but also the wholesomeness of the foods consumed and quantity. As a substitute for bread they are BETTER in moderation, with healthy varieties such as whole wheat and gluten free to tickle your fancy.

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