Breadsticks Recipe

Breadsticks Recipe

Breadsticks Recipe, Irreplaceable Ingredients

Nothing could be easier than the breadsticks recipe. The ingredients are similar to other types of bread, creating a unique, fragrant snack that never fails expectations. Water, olive oil, flour, brewers’ yeast, malt and salt combine in Italian breadsticks, an optimal bread substitute. There are no fewer calories, amounting to about one and a half times of a 00 loaf (421 compared to 290 cal.), they but help in adding small amounts of carbohydrates to diets.

Those who prefer to trace the breadsticks recipe to the story of Vittorio Amedeo II, or simply consider it a different form of the “ghersa” (a type of bread in Turin), authentic breadsticks recipes call for healthy ingredients, as well as natural leavening and the time it requires. The raw materials employed in the recipe must be of certified origin, without the use of GMOs.

The breadsticks recipe has spread throughout the world, but difficult to imitate. Though they are possible to make at home, it is said that just 50 km from the northern Italian city that made them famous, the product already undergoes significant changes. Napoleon was aware of this, too. Instead of launching production in Paris, he imported Italian ones!

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