Breadsticks, A Royal Recipe

Authentic breadsticks are crumbly and tasty, the product of a purely regal history. Italian breadsticks, as tradition goes, were prescribed to the sickly infant Vittorio Amedeo II of the house of Savoy to aid in weaning by the physician, Pecchio. Thus, the breadsticks recipe was born, deriving from “ghersa“, a typical bread in Turin, “ghersin” in the local dialect.

The noble story of Italy’s legendary breadsticks continues: it seems that Napoleon loved them so much that he called for transport between the northern Italian city and Paris, so that the empress Maria Luisa could crumble some in her soup. There are even members of court immortalized with breadsticks in their hands in period artwork.

Adored by people far and wide, children to adults, who doesn’t enjoy munching breadsticks while waiting for the first course in a restaurant? Their culinary relative is likely found in the “robatà“, a handcrafted breadstick known for its knots of dough.

Italian breadsticks are still made by hand utilizing exclusively healthy, natural and certified ingredients, following the time-tested recipe, including whole wheat, sesame seeds and more. Thick, or thin, there is something for everyone in this snack.

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Breadsticks Recipe

Breadsticks Recipe, Irreplaceable Ingredients Nothing could be easier than the breadsticks recipe. The ingredients are similar to other types of bread, creating a unique, fragrant snack that never fails expectations. Water, olive oil, flour, brewers’ yeast, malt and salt combine in...

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