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How many are the Calories of bread? A widespread thought sees in all the different types of bread, without distinction, an overabundance of calories and carbohydrates, which have always been considered, erroneously, enemies of the diet. It is necessary to deepen the subject, to measure in what value, for example, a portion of Tuscan bread or a wholemeal brown bread has calories and evaluate the accompanying dishes.

On average, it is a food that contains 275 calories per hundred grams, with some differences depending on the types of bread examined. A baguette of the same weight has 281 calories, while the same amount of Tuscan moves the bar to 278. Calories and wholemeal bread get along well, not only does it have less, but it has a high content of dietary fiber.

If you usually choose foods thinking about the caloric intake, you will prefer compounds with rye flour (219 calories in 100 gr.), However not compatible with hypo-sodium diets.

Whether or not you are attentive to the figure, it is advisable not to take it together with the pasta (to facilitate digestion). Connoisseurs are advised to try to discover the heterogeneous tastes of each of the hundreds of types of bread baked in each region and province of Italy, tickling the palate.

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