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Bread of ancient grains, a farsighted Tuscan example

Il ancient grain bread, rediscovery of the Tuscan territory of Maremma, where a recovery project leads to a surprising experience of cultivation of authentic species, including "Verna" and "Gentilrosso". Producing wholemeal (or semi-wholemeal) flour here means recovering traditions, proposing real Tuscan bread and above all proceeding in the wake of biodiversity and sustainable development.

A story that begins in 2010, when the La Piazzoletta Association decides to become the keeper of some ancient varieties of wheat, dreaming of growing the ears in purity, without fertilizer, with the simple rotation of the fields and avoiding any pesticide. Therefore, the glyphosate, also used abundantly in Italy in agriculture and recently "promoted"From IARC (Agency for Research on Cancer) to probable carcinogen.

According to research conducted by the University of Florence together with the Careggi hospital, the inclusion of this bread in the daily diet would create optimal conditions for the lowest current levels of atherosclerosis markers and would be useful against cardiovascular risks. A food that is more digestible due to its low gluten content (and yet unsuitable for celiac consumers).


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