Bottarga, Recipes to Delight

Bottarga is an exquisite gastronomic specialty also called “Sardinian caviar”. But what is bottarga exactly? The best quality is certainly that of the grey mullet, or muggine, produced from, yes, fish gonads, the eggs of which are salt-cured and dried through a process handed down over centuries. Amber in color, and slightly bitter to taste, bottarga recipes are served as appetizers, with vegetables and pasta, perhaps the most famous on spaghetti.

The history of this delicacy is an example of Sardinia’s maritime cultural, and social patrimony, as well as an integral characteristic of the island’s culinary identity. Historic findings go back as far as the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt, where Bottarga spread throughout the Mediterranean with the expansion of Arab civilization. In fact, the Arabic word “butarih”, means salted and smoked fish.

Rich in Omega 3, bottarga reduces the risk of heart disease and helps brain function, and contains the rare substance squalene – a steroid that nourishes the skin and relieves articular pain and inflammation. So, what is bottarga? Recipes that combine luxurious flavor and health in a unique masterpiece of the Italian food tradition.

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