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The book "The Growth Map"

The Growth Map - economic opportunity in the BRICs and beyond, by Jim O'Neill is a book to read. Ten years after inventing the acronym BRICs, the economist shows the contours of the new world economic order. The giants that have emerged (Brazil, Russia, India, China, plus South Africa) are joined by four of the N-11s (the Next Eleven) - Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico and Turkey. These are, for O'Neill, "growth markets".
Population expansion, productivity gains and other factors, such as access to education and technology and stable inflation rates, are the drivers of the new rising economies. To understand this irreversible transformation and grasp its opportunities, O'Neill argues, it is necessary to change culture. There is still a lot of work to be done for shared and sustainable progress. We are ready?
With the development of the BRICS and the N-11s, two billion people are expected to join the 'global middle class' between 2011 and 2030. "For the states of the West burdened by debts - is the conclusion of O'Neill - the export of goods in growing markets is the future".

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