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GMO the big scam

“GMOs, the great scam”, Dario Dongo's e-book

"GMla great fraud”Is the new e-book by Dario Dongo, founder of the GIFT - Great Italian Food Trade portal, which waves the flag of sustainable and quality Made in Italy to combat degeneration in globalized agri-food production.

The author denounces the massive aggression to the environment and human health initiated with the spread of GMOs. “It is enough to force the supply chain to depend on its own means, and control over green gold can extend to various other aspects of economy, politics and society. Imperialism. Sine cura of the devastation of the planet and its ecosystems, the health of the population and animals ”, he declares.

Rich in sources and references to studies and analyzes, the book piles up information that reveals the true role of GMOs. A "gigantic fraud of the 'Corporations' which, behind false promises of 'evolution', use genetically modified organisms as a simple 'Trojan horse' to achieve direct dominance over the global production of basic agricultural commodities", writes Dario Dongo.

Enjoy the reading!

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