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GMO The Big Scam

GMO, The Big Scam, Dario Dongo's new book

Great Italian Food Trade is proud to present GMO, The Big Scam, the new e-book by Dario Dongo about the business behind genetically modified organisms.

The text, rich in sources and references to studies and analysis, highlights the information that reveals the true role of GMOs. A “gigantic fraud of the 'Corporations' which, behind false promises of 'development', using GMOs as a simple 'Trojan horse' aim to achieve dominance over the direct global production of basic agricultural products”, says Dario Dongo.

In the opening pages, an identikit summarizes what a genetically modified organism is, as defined by the FAO (the UN agency for food and agriculture) and the European Union; where it is and what crops are interested.

The text then explains the extent of the threat of “Gray smoke revolution”, ie the impact of pesticides - a 4 times more profitable business of mere GMO seed, which, in return, have an impact on the environment and human health. The effects are already evident, as the poisoning of the soil and diseases suffered by the people exposed to those substances. And, data in hand, refutes the “false paradigm of the increase in yields”, used to spread GM seeds.

The book ends with the description of the scenario. The plans of the biotech giants and the initiatives in place worldwide to contain such problems. Initiatives worthy of interest and participation, hopes Dario Dongo, who denounces the massive aggression to the environment and the health of mankind which started with the spread of genetically modified organisms. "All one needs is to compel the supply chain to the addiction from their means, and the control over the green gold may extend to various other aspects of economy, politics, society. Imperialism. Sinecura (without a cure) from the devastation of the planet and its ecosystems, the health of people and animals ", says the founder of the portal www.greatitalianfoodtrade.com, waving the flag of sustainable Made in Italy and quality to fight against the degeneration of globalized food production.

The text, distributed free of charge through the portal Great Italian Food Trade, is proposed by the author as an instrument of information, reflection and battle. A way to feed the insurgency. To create a critical mass able to oppose against the “big scam” of GMOs.

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