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"Food safety. Mandatory rules and voluntary norms ". The new book by Dario Dongo

FARE - Food and Agriculture Requirements presents “Food safety. Mandatory rules and voluntary norms ”, the new book by Dario Dongo, lawyer and journalist, PhD in European food law.

The text investigates every aspect of the legislation on Food safety - process, product and commercial information requirements - providing an integrated approach to 'compliance' - between mandatory rules and voluntary standards - and is aimed at sector operators, both eu and extra-eu, who intend to place their products on the market European and qualify with large commercial operators.

Starting from the genesis of Regulation (EC) no. 178/2002, the “General Food Law”, and retracing its application evolution up to the present day, Dario Dongo rattles off the new challenges of food safety.

Illustrated and commented by an expert connoisseur of the subject, the rules introduced by regulation 178/2002 affect the entire food chain - according to the mottos "from the farm to the fork"(Literally, from farm to fork) and"from stable to table”(From stable to table) - as well as European and national institutions and supervisory authorities.


Food safety. Mandatory rules and voluntary norms

Author Dario Dongo

Editor FARE - Food and Agriculture Requirements

Price: 6,90 euro e-book - 23 euro hard copy (282 pages)


▶ To receive a copy via email it is sufficient to make a donation, even symbolic and fully deductible in favor of the non-profit project of the Intelligent Wheelchair (wheelchair) by Égalité, to which the author wanted to dedicate this work.


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Dario Dongo (Genoa 1971), lawyer and journalist expert in food and consumer law at European and international level. He began his career in 1993 dealing with criminal, food and tax law in the Vernazza law firm in Genoa. In 1999, in Ferruzzi (Eridania-Beghin Say) he is responsible for the legal affairs of the Italian companies of the group. From 2002 to 2012 he was responsible for European and regulatory policies in Federalimentare (Confindustria), in Brussels and Rome.

In 2010 he co-founded the site www.ilfattoalimentare.it. In 2012 she started a start-up, WIISE Srl - Workable Ideas & Initiatives 4 a Sustainable Economy (Rome-Milan-Genoa-Brussels), in which the projects are developed FARE - Food and Agriculture Requirements, a team of technicians experienced in legal and technical services in food & feed, FMCG, consumer law, e GIFT - Great Italian Food Trade, the first independent information portal in 8 languages ​​dedicated to the most authentic Italian food culture, under the banner of sustainable development and balanced nutrition.

Author of thousands of articles and various books, he teaches food law at the Universities of Milan-Bicocca and Federico II of Naples.

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