Wafer, ancient European recipe for excellent cookies

The wafer recipe was invented by the English, according to chronicle references. But cialdonai activity was spread in different parts of Europe in XV century, especially in Italy, where wafers were prepared together with other Italian cookies and special cakes: it seems even Lorenzo de Medici was not above preparing the crisp pastry for himself and guests. In Belpaese the wafer, a cookie made up of at least two cialde overlapping and stuffed with cream, found producers able to give a whole Italian interpretation and recipe.

As the product’s basic idea is practised worldwide, the name wafer covers sublime peaks or out and out food crimes. The nadir houses cookies that immediately get chewy on air contact, maybe with poor quality cream.

The real wafer is different: the wafer is a sweet that can provide unique sensations as the soft, creamy part melts just on mouth heat and becomes one with the fragrant, thin cialda. Sweet masters and Italian cake production industries drew on this lesson, applying it to wafers of different tastes.

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