Tuscan Cantucci IGP

Tuscan Cantucci IGP, don't trust imitations

Tuscan Cantucci  IGP. The struggle against best Made in Italy fakes has a new string to its bow, as Europe recognizes IGP (Protected Origin Indication), assigned in January 2016 to cantuccini or Cantucci from Tuscany.

The cookies are world famous: export lies at 37% of volumes produced and the overall turnover is estimated 35 mln Euro. The “real” Cantucci are made following a path with stringent quality regulations: entire sweet almonds, characteristic ingredients, must cover at least 20% of the product and be accompanied by honey and egg as well as butter, which cannot be substituted with margarine.

IGP request was presented in 2011 to Assocantuccini, which comprises 16 hand made and industrial Tuscan firms.

With Cantucci or Cantuccini the region of Tuscany reaches a share of 29 products registered as IGP.

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