Cantucci Biscotti

Cantucci biscotti, the Italian recipe

The ingredients for the rightly famed Cantucci biscotti, also known as Cantuccini, of Tuscan origin, are as simple and genuine as they are flavorful. The Cantucci recipe is regulated by strict guidelines that each producer follows to guarantee the quality and tradition this specialty represents in the world, not to mention protect it from imitations.

Cantucci biscotti dough is made of flour, sugar, egg, butter and honey, to which and abundant handful of almonds (at least 20%) is added. The mixture, arranged in small, long loaves, is then put into the oven. Cut diagonally by hand, they are baked once again for a few minutes to perfect the crispiness and crumbliness that characterizes these tasty cookies.

True Italian Cantucci biscotti must be oblong in shape, with the outer surface achieving a golden hue. Length can vary, but they are generally no longer than 10 cm. Frequently eaten on their own, Cantucci are used in dessert recipes as complements to Bavarian cream and Panna cotta, and to add depth to puddings and Charlotte cake. Not to forget is the divine combination they make when dipped into Vin Santo.

Cantucci Biscotti

Tuscan Cantucci IGP

Tuscan Cantucci IGP, don’t trust imitations Tuscan Cantucci  IGP. The struggle against best Made in Italy fakes has a new string to its bow, as Europe recognises IGP (Protected Origin Indication), assigned in January 2016 to Cantuccini or Cantucci from Tuscany. The cookies are world...

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