Biscotti, simple recipes with amazing results

Every single Italian region has its own special biscotti. The wide variety that characterizes local cuisine is down to recipes for biscotti that make up a lengthy and delicious chapter to regional cooking. The renown of Tuscan cantucci is just an eloquent example of this national gastronomic phenomenon. Made with a few simple ingredients – flour, sugar, butter or oil, milk and egg – they are enriched by aromas and flavors of typical products originating in each territory.

In the innumerable forms of simple biscotti, one of the most omnipresent elements are types of nuts and dried fruit, even if employed in different ways in the peninsula’s distinct climates. Raisins, pinenuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds for cantucci biscotti and other traditional desserts found on tables for important occasions, and nowadays for breaks from work with a coffee.

Unique biscotti appear at all latitudes: the extremely simple Lagaccio biscuits, easily stored in the pantries of Genovese ships, in addition to rich and filled ones like Baci di dama, with hazelnut chocolate cream.

Don’t let these incredible sweet delicacies pass unnoticed!

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