Italian beer, the best of the peninsula

Tasting the pleasure of an Italian beer is long overdue. Over the last 20 years, there has been a veritable revolution in the best Italian beer production with the arrival of a number of Italian craft beer makers, reinforcing the growth of a recent tradition.

Today we are witnessing a renewal in taste. If in the past beer was habitually cast aside in favor of almost any kind of wine, with more importance associated to the level of alcohol than true flavor, the appearance of home-brewing and then microbreweries (in addition to a new generation of Italian “master brewers”) brings with it an evolution of the country’s palate creating a vast base of Italian beer enthusiasts, with special emphasis on craft and local varieties.

For those who are unable to do without the satisfaction delivered in a product through mastery, explore the intrinsic value of techniques like high and low fermentation and bottle refermentation to get to know the most important brands and be carried away by this world of malt and hops to live a rich and refreshing beer experience.

The panorama of Italian must-try beers is finally online with GIFT.

birra artigianale ita

Italian craft beer

Excellent Italian craft beer production Italian craft beer. A quality production involving only first choice ingredients. In Italy rules reserve this name for Italian beer produced by small independent brewers, without using pasteurising and microfiltering processing. The independent...

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