It would be enough to consider only the name of the digital magazine Ruminantia to understand what it deals with. Ruminantia is in fact the name that the naturalist Giovanni Antonio Scopoli used to classify a suborder of artiodactyla which includes domestic ruminants such as cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats and other wild species.

Mission of the magazine is to disseminate technical, scientific, political, economic and cultural information both within the ruminant milk and meat supply chain and to consumers.

Ruminantia is an independent and secular digital magazine, that is, free from ideological and economic conditioning, which it has chosen as pay-offs "Free exchange of ideas" precisely because of his desire to promote a constructive dialogue on the topics of his competence in order to help readers "form their own ideas".

Ruminantia carries out its dissemination and information activity by enabling scientists to disseminate the results of their research to all, companies to make their proposals in terms of products and services known, the competent authorities to better understand the context of their activity and breeders to do their difficult work better and better.

The idea of this magazine was born a little by chance for the desire for information free from ideological and direct commercial interests that the founder, Alessandro Fantini, perceived in colleagues and breeders who deal with ruminants. Alessandro Fantini exercises the profession of veterinarian in the breeding of cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats.

The first issue of Ruminantia was released on June 1st 2012 and it was only one newsletter, a PDF to be sent to colleagues and customers, written by authors who, like the geneticist Fabiola Canavesi, still collaborate with us today.

in 2014, with the arrival of Sara Fantini as editorial coordinator, Ruminantia first becomes a website and then, the following year, becomes a digital magazine duly registered in the press register of which Alessandro Fantini is the managing director.

Today Ruminantia is considered, in terms of number of readers and the level of SEO indexing of its articles, to be the most read and followed trade magazine.

Ruminantia is a free magazine that draws economic resources exclusively from the many industries in the sector that support it but which cannot in any way condition its values ​​and mission.

Ruminantia publishes an average of 10 articles per day, part of which is shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.

These articles they can be generic or included in specialized columns, some sponsored by companies and others independent, and in-depth columns.

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