Mortadella, ingredients

A mortadella with ingredients high-quality and additive-free. It is the line of Felsineo, engaged for over 50 years in the production of a healthy and genuine salami, which maintains the scent and traditional taste of mortadella of the past. The simple ingredients of the entire Felsineo range are selected with extreme care. The search for the best cuts of Italian pork is just the beginning of a recipe whose ingredients list is really short.

The real mortadella: a short list of ingredients

The ingredients of mortadella Felsineo exclude sugars, dyes and synthetic aromas, preferring natural ones. Furthermore, polyphosphates are not added, molecules that retain water and increase the consistency of the product, but which reduce the absorption of minerals.

Total ban also against glutamate, the best known flavor enhancer. And again, in mortadella Felsineo the fat part is only of good quality, and does not include the use of fat and / or rind emulsions.

Always gluten-free, Felsineo products are also lactose-free, the use of caseinates and powdered milk being strictly discarded in the company.

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