Felsineo SpA, born as a small cured meat factory in Bologna, is today a world leader in the production and sale of mortadella. A story that has always proceeded on a double track between tradition and innovation.
With a production of about 12 thousand tons per year, Felsineo mortadella is exported throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and China. It is certified ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001, IFS and BRC (GSFS), ISO 22005, Organic CCPB.
Felsineo uses only fine cuts of pork and natural flavors. All Felsineo mortadella are free of additives such as polyphosphates, glutamate and dyes, nor do they contain gluten, lactose or fat emulsions.
The '1963 Mortadella 100% Artigianale' from Felsineo is prepared with fresh meat, slowly minced, as it once was. The result is a product characterized by a new consistency and a delicate taste.
The Raimondi Family Selection offers a range of artisanal mortadella chosen to best express the Bolognese gastronomic excellence.
The Sciccosa becomes the 100% Italian mortadella signed by the FDAI. The brand SIGNED BY ITALIAN FARMERS guarantees the consumer complete traceability of the product to guarantee compliance with ethical values, in support of farmers and breeders.
Sincera mortadella contains only natural ingredients. A plus that is added to high-profile raw materials and processes that qualify the entire range.

Felsineo, the mortadella of Bologna

Felsineo, mortadella of excellence. Bolognese like the delicious salami he has been making for over fifty years, Felsineo expresses the perfect synthesis between centuries-old traditions and cutting-edge innovation. Felsineo, born in a small artisan workshop in Bologna, is today the lworld leader in the production of mortadella. A great historic company, led by the third generation of the Raimondi founding family.


Felsineo ensures the right combination of craftsmanship passion and technological rigor. The careful selection of raw materials is combined with transformation processes aimed at preserving the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the meat and other ingredients, while the continuous research activity guarantees a genuine and balanced product, free of additives, such as polyphosphates and glutamate, without milk derivatives or gluten. A quality level that makes Felsineo a flagship of Made in Italy.

Felsineo embodies the best Italian entrepreneurial tradition, also for the constant attention paid to creating value. It operates according to a Code of Ethics and participates ai inclusion projects of disadvantaged people in Bologna for profit business contexts.

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