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Hemp, the Italian superfood

Hemp is another rising star in the superfood basket, due to its nutritional properties. And it’s also an Italian specialty. Let’s see why. Hemp, the...

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Teff, the African superfood

Ancient grains hit the headlines, gluten-free up and coming, superfood top of the list of European consumption. Bingo for teff, a cereal to be...

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GI’s, Italy is the world leader

Italy confirms the primacy on PDO’s and PGI’s. Data from Ismea-Qualivita Italy’s world record is strengthened by the number of PDO’s and PGI’s agri...

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Amazon-Go, Seattle

After a year’s rehearsal, the first AmazonGo was opened to the public last Monday, on the Seventh Avenue of Seattle, on the ground floor of...

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E-commerce, the Chinese model – the Chinese e-commerce giant that is growing thanks to direct competition with Alibaba – lands the physical retail market by...

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Butter, healthy friend

Butter, healthy friend. With caution to the smoke point Undisputed lead of Northern Italian culinary tradition – in artisanal pastry, above all...

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Cheese scam: fraud in slices

The very sound of cheese seems to be as an ebbing sunset, onto the road of decline, especially after the drastic sentence pronounced by the Court of...

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Pizza and figs

Pizza and figs, from Rome with love Pizza and figs. This mid-morning snack used to be common in Rome, as a cheap and convenient solution to appease...