Author - Dario Dongo

Dario DongoDario Dongo, avvocato e giornalista, PhD in diritto alimentare internazionale, fondatore di WIISE (FARE - GIFT – Food Times) e cofondatore del Fatto Alimentare.

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Pet Food

GMO-free pet food

Pet food marketing is nowadays focused on the ‘free-from’ concept, amid others. ‘GMO-free’ claims are dominating the scene. Some reflections on the...


Amazon, cyber-bullying

Amazon, cyber-bullying to the detriment of consumers and suppliers. Great Italian Food Trade is appealing again to the Antitrust Authority for...

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Retailers responsibilities 

Legislative decree 231/17, while implementing Regulation EU No. 1169/11 in Italy, defines the distributor’s responsibilities in crystal clear terms. ...

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Free from, the ABC’s

The ‘free from’ claims on food labels keep gaining consensus among European consumers. Who are increasingly choosing ‘GMO-free’ and ‘palm oil free’...

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Novel GMO’s, no rules

No rule has to be applied to novel GMO’s for  environment and health protection. These are the conclusions of the Advocate General at the European...

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Acrylamide, ABC of the new rules

The Regulation EU No. 2017/1258 ‘laying down mitigation measures and standards of supply to reduce the presence of acrylamide in foodstuffs’ provides...