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Internationalization goal

Internationalization goal

Great Italian Food Trade, a world of services to the quality Italian agri-food business.

Internationalization goal

Great Italian Food Trade, the portal of Italian agri-food excellence, is able to provide every company with the necessary tools to successfully present itself on international markets. “The Great Italian Food Trade project has brought together a group of professionals with consolidated international experience to offer all customers, including SMEs, a variety of services traditionally reserved only for giants. Advice that everyone can tailor to suit their priorities, ”he says Dario Dongo, founder of Great Italian Food Trade.

The global showcase

The greatitalianfoodtrade.it web portal translated into 8 languages ​​conveys the culture of Italian agri-food of excellence to the world. It hosts companies that intend to sell on international markets, conveying them to target countries through the web and social networks. In September 2014, one year after its debut, the site upgraded to the most advanced search engine positioning SEO technology.


Through the portal greatitalianfoodtrade.it you can access the News area, reserved for news and updates on the most important facts related to food and beverage, in the world and in Italy.

International newsletter

A selection of the most interesting news and insights from the food and beverage sector provides companies with an agile tool for continuous updating.


The organization and participation in events dedicated to food and beverage, in Italy and abroad, includes the representation of partner companies at the main international trade fairs.

Business services.

Through its network, Great Italian Food Trade offers the agri-food company every useful service to achieve success on international markets. The operating arm is articulated according to the areas of action on two structures:

WIISE extension (Workable Ideas & Initiatives 4 a Sustainable Economy) is particularly suited to the areas of strategy and communication, energy saving and sustainable energy.

DO, Food & Agriculture Requirements, is the tip of the network on European and international rules on food and beverages.

Strategic communication

Traditional and web communication campaigns, creation of videos and promotion on social networks in order to carry out the worldwide transmission and sharing of the best productions, especially those that are characterized by a real ability to mediate between economic results, intrinsic quality, environmental protection and work ethic.


Assistance service in the entire process leading to food quality certification. The initiatives taken by producers are highly appreciated by institutions and consumers. The voluntary nature of the adoption of ISO and other standards, such as those of FSSC, BRC and IFS, is the tangible demonstration of a concrete commitment of companies, which goes beyond slogans.

These regulatory systems are ideal for better managing the safety and hygiene of processes, but they are also increasingly used to monitor the implementation of good environmental practices and economic and social sustainability of production. The certifications to ISO and similar standards are essential to qualify the entire life cycle of the product, and allow its complete traceability, regardless of the place of origin and destination all over the world. A decisive advantage for successfully operating on the globalized market.

Food law & policies in an international context

The service includes a political observatory and a flow of relations with institutions, stakeholders and the media, on a global level.

Specific activities are organized for crisis management, as well as for the examination and correct application of the legislation applicable in the 5 continents regarding the production and marketing of food and beverages, feed, their ingredients and "in contact" materials.

Legal services include the international protection and management optimization of intellectual and industrial property assets, namely trademarks and patents. They also cover the procedures for the issue of authorizations in the States where the goods are destined, and certifications, construction and verification of compliance of any informative material intended for commercial operators and consumers, such as labels and advertisements. In compliance with applicable regulations and voluntary standards, as well as in connection with the Global Information Standards within the supply chain (GS1).

Food labels

The service includes the design and construction of labels in line with the Italian, European and foreign target countries legislation. It also follows the planning and implementation of every form of advertising communication, with effective techniques that respect the rules.

Food labels and consumer communication are two elements that require extreme attention. The food label is subject to continuous regulatory updates (Reg. 1169/2011) and the supervision of the control authorities is stringent.


We provide sector training activities for organizations of any size, for central or territorial institutions, in-house sessions for companies. With over 250 seminars conducted in Europe and the Balkans, we allow each company to keep up to date, as well as benefit from the synergies created through other services specifically designed for the thriving agri-food sector. In training, our courses include: regulation, operator responsibility, risk assessment, rapid alert system and recalls, animal welfare, labeling, GMP, registrations and authorizations, hygiene, official controls, importexport, product origin, information to consumers, nutrition, health, declaration of allergens, advertising, merchandising, brand management, communication, coaching and any other usefulness for the agri-food sector.

Info and contacts: Marta Strinati +39 328 56 93 345

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