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Rich and abundant production

According to forecasts, the next 2013 Italian oil campaign will be rich and abundant, with a production that, according to official estimates, will be between 330.000 and 350.000 tons of olive oil. It is Puglia in particular to excel, with an estimated production of 180.000 tons, most of which concentrated in the Bari and Gargano areas, which will allow the production of large quantities of extra virgin olive oil, in general of good quality. Even in Calabria, the northern part of the region will be able to count on a strong and superior quality offer, while production in Sicily promises to be stable but excellent.

The forecasts for the Center-North are excellent, where production is expected to grow by 15-20% compared to the previous year. Well Sardinia, which should well exceed 10.000 tons, and Tuscany with 15.000. The production levels of some Apennine and central areas are less exciting.

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