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Italian excellences parade in Brussels

From the fishermen consortium of Goro toLombard agro-fishing, from Fiorital to Fratelli Maroni, the Italian excellence of fishing and aquaculture were well represented at the Fish Food Expo held in Brussels on 24 and 25 April. Spearheads of the Italian agri-food sector, these are companies that have always made environmental sustainability and quality fundamental requisites, even when these topics did not excel on the political agenda. They were all present at the appointment with the European Seafood Exposition, which is held every year in the capital of the European Union. The event was the occasion for the launch of the European market observatory for fisheries and aquaculture products (temporarily available here before moving to a new site). On this occasion, the EU fisheries commissioner Maria Damanaki recalled the importance of aquaculture for sustainability and competitiveness, inviting the Member States to be more sensitive to issues such as reducing time and administrative burdens for businesses (to have a license takes on average three years).

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