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Artisanal and industrial ice cream

Classic, ancient, artisanal, Italians have a real passion for ice cream. This passion of Italian consumers is so intense that it has induced continuous improvement and a great differentiation of the offer to meet the most varied desires and tastes.

The Italian passion for ice cream is worth around 2 billion euros for internal consumption alone and has ancient roots. Already in the ninth century the Arabs had introduced sorbet in Sicily, and it was a Sicilian chef who at the end of the seventeenth century created in Paris a mixture of ice cream very similar to the one appreciated by everyone today. For over 4 centuries it has therefore been one of the symbols of Made in Italy.

In the peninsula there are three production lines. The artisan ice cream parlor, where ingredients such as milk, eggs and fruit are processed on site. Then there is the ice cream prepared with semi-artisanal methods which, with the help of Italian industrial semi-finished products, allows you to create a variety of fresh products even in the most distant countries. Finally, industrial ice cream produced in Italy and marketed all over the world thanks to the efficiency of logistics and the cold chain.

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