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Round table on nutrition and well-being

At the first 'Food and Made in Italy Forum', organized on Tuesday 10 December 2013 by Il Sole-24Ore in Milan, GIFT, Great Italian Food Trade, participates in the round table 'From the factory to the table for a virtuous supply chain: the winning choices to stay fine', scheduled at 15,30.

The meeting is attended by Dario Dongo, founder of GIFT, together with Filippo Ongaro, nutritionist doctor, Francesca Amadori of the Communication of the homonymous group, Giuseppe Dadà, quality director of Ferrarelle, Riccardo Cavanna, vice president UCIMA. The meeting will be moderated by Nicoletta Carbone, journalist of Radio 24.

The round table is dedicated to some of the topics widely covered by GIFT: food safety, transparency of information in labels and advertising, process and product certifications, 'packaging' and innovation. Under the banner of sustainable development, as well as nutrition and health.

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