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IGP, trademark and protocol

To obtain the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) mark, even authentic Italian excellence must comply with some important rules.
This is the case of a confectionery specialty such as Panforte di Siena which wants to be recognized in Europe as PGI and, in the Official Journal of the European Union of 2 August last - reports EuroParlamento24 - the application for registration as PGI of Panforte was published. of Siena.
As a rule, any opponents of the registration have six months to express their opinion. After this period the Sienese specialty will be PGI.
This is the best opportunity to indicate an example for the creation of the content of a request protocol for PGI, with territorial indications and stylistic communication. Practice that can be deduced from the details contained in the document that can be downloaded from EuroParlamento24.

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