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PDO hams, ok with production planning

Good news from Brussels for Italian PDO hams. In the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the EU it is foreseen that also the consortia for the protection of PDO hams (as is already the case for cheeses) can activate the programming of the volumes of the offer. "A support tool - explained the president of the Parma Ham Consortium Paolo Tanara - to prevent market crisis situations and a fundamental prerequisite for ensuring balanced development of the market itself". In Italy, the standard mainly affects San Daniele and Parma and has long been requested by Italian and French consortia, which have been involved in the issue for years. Initially expected in the EU legislative package on quality launched in 2012, the production planning has finally found its place in the regulation on the management of the markets of the new CAP. Satisfaction was expressed by AICIG, the Association of Italian Consortia with Geographical Indication.

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