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Cibus 2016, TradInnovation on stage

Cibus 2016, from 9 to 12 May in Parma, brings TradInnovation to the fore, as GIFT - Great Italian Food Trade defines the precious work of reviewing tradition and (r) innovating it with natural ingredients instead of artificial additives, attention to bio and better experience of integrated pest management in agriculture, of which Italy is a pioneer.

The appointment with Cibus 2016, showcase of Italian agri-food excellence, confirms the trend: the best productions continue to advance towards quality and sustainable foods, lighter thanks to widespread reformulation to reduce salt, sugars and excess fats - taking up the challenge against the obesity and diabetes epidemic - without losing sight of prices, which must in any case remain affordable.

The sustainability of the price is in fact among the demands of consumers, who are very attentive to the TradInnovation of the food industry. The IRI survey, conducted on the occasion of Cibus 2016, reveals an 86% propensity to experiment with innovative products (it was 62% in 2014), but for 89% the essential condition is affordability. A large 66% of the sample (it was 63% two years ago) is willing to spend more, but only in exchange for a full satisfaction of expectations.

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